Ravenna B.

May 13, 2016


For me, being fit and healthy has developed over time. A straight line to a lifestyle of clean eating and dedicated fitness time, to say the least has not been easy, however, always been in the forefront of my life. I now make it a priority. Period. It’s like working on a puzzle, always trying to put the pieces together, and sometimes trying the same piece twice.

Being committed and staying motivated on a daily basis can be a struggle at times. Not only have I practiced self talk and tough love, I also set mini daily goals, short and long term goals, (I am continually working on that unassisted pull-up), and also rely on friends, family, trainers , and total strangers in this never ending journey.

Adopting this lifestyle has had many rewards, I have experienced increased energy, mental focus, self confidence, the added bonus of weight loss, in addition I have gained a myriad of lifetime friends. I want to continue to challenge myself and you to keep moving forward and trust the process.

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