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Workout at the convenience of your home, at a Pro Performance location, or at any fitness facility with assistance from a Pro Performance personal trainer.


Program Details

  • Workout at the convenience of your home, at a Pro Performance location, or at any fitness facility with assistance from a Pro Performance personal trainer.
  • Access to our workout app
  • Individualized exercise program
  • Video clip examples of each exercise
  • Weekly check-ins with your personal trainer
  • Log and keep track of workouts, weights and progress
  • 4-week and 8-week programs available
  • A trainer will then get in contact with you regarding your program and payment details

Online Personal Training Rates

Members Non-Members
4 Weeks $79.00 $99.00
8 Weeks $129.00 $184.00

Online Personal Trainers

All of our trainers are credentialed, which means they’ve been trained in anatomy, physiology, exercise, and nutrition. They believe that your fitness journey is individual and will work tirelessly for you to BE MORE! We want you to succeed.

Steve Coup

Fitness Director / Personal Trainer



  • Weight Loss
  • Strength, Endurance, and Circuit Training
  • Stress Relief
  • Motivation

Steven developed a passion for exercising and weight training at a young age. His skills and abilities continued to evolve as he pursued two Bachelor’s degrees, taking the next step in his fitness journey. Steven is now a dedicated Personal Trainer who goes above and beyond for his clients! He has over 11 years of training experience at Pro Performance and strives to make people healthier, feel better about themselves, relieve stress, and gain the ability to hit their fitness goals, whatever they may be. Some of his clients call him the HYPE MAN, and FULL OF MOTIVATION AND POSITVE ENERGY!

It’s time to ask yourself, “HOW COULD HE HELP YOU?”

John Starkey

Personal Trainer



  • Weight Loss
  • Functional Exercise
  • Weight Training
  • Circuit Training

John works with people of all age groups and believes that fitness is the key to a long healthy life. One on one personal training, group fitness classes, and being a FitClub Coach are a few examples of John’s diverse fitness strategies. His goal is to help personalize a unique training program that fits your needs. With a healthy balance of weight and circuit training, he will find ways to improve your everyday life. John can be counted on to make your goals his goals. If you’re interested in trying something new or changing up your typical exercise routine, come to Pro Performance and let John invest in you.

Gabriella Pearse

Personal Trainer

B.A. , CPT


  • Strength Training
  • Circuit Training
  • Motivation

Gabriella strives to teach, motivate, and train clients to be the best they can be! Personalizing each workout with the client in mind. She pushes you to get out of your comfort zone at your own pace.
With Gabriella’s background in psychology and speciality in behavior change, she trains to help you shift your mindset and set you up for success!

Mike Riley

Personal Trainer


Mike has a passion for the outdoors and that’s where his fitness journey began. Mountain biking, hiking, skiing and snowboarding lead him to improve his exercise regimen so he could enjoy the activities he loves even more.
“It’s the snowball effect, exercise leads to better sleep, better sleep leads into having more energy and feeling better which leads into an active healthy lifestyle, physically and mentally.”

My goal is to transform lives through making health and wellness obtainable for everyone, no matter their age or current level of fitness. Starting with the basics and progressively integrating learned skills and techniques to reach and surpass your fitness goals. My job as a personal trainer is to inspire and challenge you. I also create a workout program specific to your needs that is effective, efficient, and enjoyable, so that it remains a life-long endeavor. I received my personal trainer certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Braxton Lewis

Personal Trainer


Braxton joined Pro Performance’s team with the goal of helping people achieve their dream physique, whether it is losing a few extra pounds, or preparing for a competitive stage. He believes that everyone has a right to feel comfortable in their own skin, as well as feel confident in their bodies capabilities. With Braxton you will learn how to set goals, and go on to achieve them through the smaller building blocks. Set in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, the first step is your’s to take!

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