Joeli O.

May 13, 2016


Age: 44
Occupation: Clinical Director Manager Mountaineer Home Medical
Respiratory Therapist WVUH
Trainer: Steven C.

Born and raised in WV. I have been married to Todd for 19 years. We have 2 children, Ethan 18 and Ava 11. I’ve been a respiratory therapist for 23 years and have worked in all aspects of respiratory care. Growing up I was active by playing sports, cheering and dancing. I didn’t develop a weight problem until I developed an allergy to latex and was on and off Prednisone for well over a year at which time I gained approximately 100 lbs. I fought for years to lose any amount of weight. I heard the Biggest Loser advertisements on the radio and called to sign up for the funness.

At my initial weight of 282, it was overwhelming to think about the prospect of losing 150 lbs in one chunk, so I took piece by piece. My initial goal was dropping 20 lbs in the first 8 week Biggest Loser program. I believed that if I could achieve that goal, it would give me the incentive to continue to stay focused. With Steve’s guidance and encouragement, I was able to focus on those small goals and concentrate on each workout and our weekly weigh ins. Each week was exciting and gave me something to look forward to. By changing my diet and with Steve’s suggestions of eating clean, I was able to change my eating habits and start preparing healthier meals for my family and myself. I started working out with Steve in July 2010 and since then I have met my weight loss goal of 150 lbs and more importantly maintained that weight within 8 lbs for almost a year. It hasn’t always been easy, but the success feels good and I believe that it is because of Steve and many of the other trainers at Pro that I have been this successful. All of them have complimented my on my small goals and been encouraging along the way.

Weighing in at 282 lbs on my first night of Biggest Loser I was quite intimidated and unsure about how hard Steve was going to push me and what he was going to make me do. Once I met Steve, I knew he was the right person to help guide my weight loss and achieve my fitness goals. His Biggest Loser class was not only powerful from the workout side; we had a great deal of fun! The hour and half session flew by and I was excited to come back for my next workout. My team mates were supportive, and I felt really comfortable with Steve and his instruction on how to safely complete the workouts. He has always been very good at telling me to keep my form proper as to not hurt myself and push me, but not take me over the edge. If there was an exercise I could not do, he was always will to give me a modification. Again, he was always there to support and give me motivation to not only get through a tough workout, but to give me reassurance if I didn’t do so well on a particular day or on a weigh in. He never let me get down on myself and always inspired me to not look back but to keep moving forward. If my weight didn’t change or went up in a week, he would look at my food journal and give me ideas on how to modify my workout or diet to get results.

Not only is Steve amazing, their entire staff is wonderful. From Dr Lynch who has worked out in our classes to the front desk staff. They are always cheerful, welcoming, and encouraging. If Steve had a substitute for his class, they are always professional and knowledgeable with their instruction of exercises and the equipment and how the classes are conducted. I have never felt intimidated by the atmosphere at Pro, even the other people who are exercising beside of you are courteous and helpful. Steve goes above and beyond for each and every one of his clients…..knowing what areas I want and need to work is his job, and I trust him fully to guide me. He has helped me from the beginning when my fitness goals were “just to start somewhere” and now has transitioned me into not only maintenance of my weight, but building stronger leaner muscles. I have great deal of admiration and trust in Steve; he has become not only a vital part of my success but a true friend. I can’t imagine having the same success anywhere else.

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