Jenny A.

May 13, 2016


Jenny Ammons is originally from Pittsburgh, situating down in Crossroads, West Virginia with a beautiful family of three. Opening a business in 2011 with her husband trapped her under a desk as Queen Bee! Her busy schedule lead to a lifestyle she never saw coming. Business owner, Mom, and volunteer Jenny was a size 22 and was tired of having to go to a specific store to shop for clothes that fit her. A great beer connoisseur she realized enough was enough. “I wanted to find a better me.” Now, this amazing woman craves the gym and leaves feeling energized and positive!

The Change

Coming to the realization that she needed to change herself was not an easy road. For 7 years Jenny jumped from size to size. She walked into the gym lost and insecure not having an exact direction or goal. After failed attempts she came to Pro Performance with a different attitude! “I want to find how fit I can get!” Jenny was ready for a new life. The numbers on the scale shocked her but turned into the fuel she needed to make the change! “The scale cannot defeat me!”

The Lifestyle

Sending in pictures of her daily food became the key to her success. Tracking nutrition is not something she has to work at on a daily basis any longer. As her family saw her hard work paying off they became involved in her journey. Jenny became the Mom of the Basketball team where her new lifestyle was contagious with her healthy snacks! “Learning the right size portions and eliminating processed food is what did it!” Becoming comfortable in the gym and having fun workouts got her hooked! Rounding a year now in her journey Jenny has lost up to 30.5 inches!

The Reward

Knowing that she is taking care of herself has been the repayment that she needed. “I have a happy life!” Feeling her body toning up and shopping in any store has made the blood, sweat, and tears all worth it. At an amazing size 16 now Jenny is not slowing down and cannot wait to see what this next year has to hold!

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