Flag Football Program

June 9, 2016

Of the 30+ youth sports teams I’ve coached during the last 10 years in the Morgantown area including basketball, baseball, and flag football, the Flag Football League at Pro Performance is my favorite. It is the best run league in town. The schedule is built to accommodate parents and coaches. Games run on time. They are well officiated. Every kid gets an awesome uniform with a real NFL team brand. And the league director makes a great effort to make the league competitive for all teams with a combine/ draft structure. Coaches are encouraged to make every season a great experience for every player. If you were to just walk outside the facility on a random weeknight, you’d hear parents and grandparents (who sit behind desks and work challenging jobs all day) screaming their lungs out for kids from ages 5 to 14. The energy around these games is unique in youth sports. Kids learn strategy. They all touch the ball. They learn to work together as a team. They learn the rules and they learn how to win and how to lose. And they learn how to bite their tongue when they disagree with a ref – a skill that will play out 1,000 times in the workplace when they are grown. I’ve seen the biggest smiles on kids faces after having some small success in this sport. I can’t imagine a better way to spend $90 and a dozen evening / weekend hours in the spring or fall.

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