Thomas Hooton, M.S.

Thomas started Mountaineer CrossFit in September 2009 while he was finishing his Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology at WVU and has watched it continue to grow into the most successful CrossFit gym in the Morgantown area. Thomas prides himself on providing the best CrossFit coaching in the area. His goal is to help everyone that walks through the door as much as he can regardless of their fitness goals.  He has proudly coached individuals and teams to the Regional level of the CrossFit Games and has reached that level himself for four consecutive years. Thomas aims to instill the same passion he has for health and fitness into his clients. If you are looking to lose weight and/or get healthy or are an ex-athlete or competitor just looking for a new challenge don’t hesitate to contact Mountaineer CrossFit! (

  • Owner and Founder of Mountaineer CrossFit
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Fairmont State University
  • Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from West Virginia University School of Medicine
  • College Basketball Player and Team Captain
  • 7th Place Finisher in 2010 CrossFit Games Central East Regional
  • 13th in the World in 2011 CrossFit Open
  • 10th Place Finisher in 2011 Mid Atlantic Regional
  • 7th in the World 2012 CrossFit Open
  • 15th Place Finisher in 2012 Mid Atlantic Regional
  • Coach of 2012 Mid Atlantic Regional Mountaineer CrossFit Team (17th Place)
  • 13th Place Finisher in 2013 Mid Atlantic Regional
  • Coach of 2013 Mid Atlantic Regional Mountaineer CrossFit Team (11th Place)
  • CF-L1 Trainer
  • CF Kids Trainer
  • NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
  • Catapult Olympic Lifting Certification
  • Over Eight Years Training Experience
  • Over Five Years CrossFit Experience
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