Steven Coup





  • Weight Loss
  • Strength, Endurance, and Circuit Training
  • Stress Relief
  • Motivation

Steven Coup is a dedicated personal trainer and the Fitness Coordinator at Pro Performance. Steven developed a passion for exercising and weight training at a young age. His skills and abilities continued to evolve as he pursued two Bachelor’s degrees in Exercise Physiology and Health Science from Fairmont State University, taking the next step in his fitness journey. Steven has over 14 years of training experience at Pro Performance. He strives to make people healthier, feel better about themselves, relieve stress, increase energy and gain the ability to hit their fitness goals, whatever they may be. Some of his clients call him the HYPE MAN, and “FULL OF MOTIVATION AND POSITVE ENERGY!” Steven has a passion for fitness and strength training and is blessed to share this with the members of Pro Performance. It’s time to ask yourself, “HOW COULD STEVE HELP YOU?”

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