Jordan Gessner

Jordan Gessner

Education / Certifications

  1. S. Exercise Science (Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention – PennWest University)

-NASM PES Certified

-NASE SES Certified

-(Preparing for CSCS Exam)


Work  Experience

CalU of PA – Graduate Assistant

-Worked with CalU strength and conditioning department for 2 years.

-Trained and assisted with 12+ sport teams (men and women).

-Developed unique programming for multiple sports based on needs of coaches and athletes.

-Assisted in facility management and upkeep of the weight room and athletic areas we utilized.

Elizabeth Forward High School – Strength and Conditioning Coach

-Organized strength training for Elizabeth Forward high school for their preseason and in season workouts.

-Utilized the weight room, basketball court, and football field to gain strength, speed, and explosiveness before season time.

-Emphasized injury prevention protocols in season and adjusted training based on specific needs of each position.


Athletic Experience

-Division II basketball athlete (2016-2019)

-Academic Honor Roll each season

-3 Sport high school athlete (soccer, basketball, baseball)

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