Babes and Barbells

Babes and Barbells is a group strength program for women of all ages. Open to beginners and those more advanced. This program will consist of 2 workouts per week in a group of 5-10 women.  Women participating will learn basics and build upon them, master form to their best abilities, work on mobility and range of motion, strengthen their entire bodies, and increase their comfortability in the gym environment.

Sign up at the Pierpont location or contact Gabi at gpearse@properformancerx.com

Duration:  Two Days per week /Tuesday & Thursday evenings 6:30-7:30pm

Location:  Pierpont

Pricing:  $150 per month includes Pro Membership

Class Details

  • Build strength overtime
  • Challenge the entire body by utilizing movement pattern exercises
  • Gain understanding about muscle growth (hypertrophy), mind- to- muscle connection, rest periods, form, etc
  • Work on mobility and range of motion
  • Group Chat – group message system to keep us all accountable, applaud each other’s successes, and check in’s throughout the week.
  • Trainheroic to keep track of progress and visually see milestones made.
  • Work on self-efficacy. Preparing women (beginners or just nervous in the gym) to go out into the gym by themselves and feel competent, capable, and strong.
  • Challenge each other and make new friends with similar interests.

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Membership sign-ups must be done in person at any of our locations. Camp registration links can be found on their individual sport specific website page.