Pro Elite Online Baseball Lessons

Pro Elite Baseball Online Training brings our top level instruction to you. Learn from the best at your convenience with our remote individualized training through the use of our TrainHeroic app. We offer initial in-house assessments as well as video assessments and then periodic video analysis. After each assessment, our instructors can personalize workouts and drills specific to players of any ability level to enhance skills for those who aren’t able to routinely travel to our Morgantown facility. From hitting to pitching and arm care, while also working directly with our renowned strength department, we can help you become the player you want to be no matter what the distance.

Online Baseball Initial Assessment will be $30 and can be an in person session or through video with email communication. After that, monthly Online Baseball Training will be $50 per month and include one uploaded session per week. For additional details and to get started, email


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