Nutrition Start up Plan / $200 for the month

Don’t know where to start? The Start Up Plan is the perfect way to get the proper knowledge and guidance to be successful.  Includes the following:

  • 8 one on one sessions (in person or facetime), meet twice a week
  • Basic Nutrition guides and educational lessons
  • Understanding macros through “Macrofitting”
  • Accountability Coaching
  • Discounted Pro membership at $20 for the month
  • Optional personal training at only $35/session

Nutrition Coaching Commitment

Commit to your success. If you commit to 3 – 6 months, you will get the Start Up Plan with on-going Nutrition Coaching twice a week at $180/month.  You will get a discounted Pro Membership at $20/month for the duration of your program. Optional personal training sessions at $35/session for the duration of your program.

Nutrition Coach One Year Lifestyle Program

Are you ready for success? Then make the commitment. We know that true success is making this lifestyle. By committing to a year, you will engrain the habits and tools you need to be successful at your health for the rest of your life. These invaluable tools include food journaling, exercise planning, body scans to measure progress, and ongoing educational articles. By meeting biweekly with your coach, and having these tools at your disposal, your success will be inevitable.

This plan is discounted by $160/month and includes all the membership benefits of the previous plans.


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