Kickstart Nutrition Program

March 1, 2021

Kick Start your nutrition with our 8 week virtual program                                                                

Long term solutions to short term fad diets

This comprehensive nutrition coaching program gives you the skills you need to end the yo-yo dieting cycle that is all too common. Using a habit-based approach to adapt to a healthier lifestyle; nutrition coaching at Pro Performance is built on self-awareness, knowledge, and commitment. Expect a practical sustainable approach that holds you accountable towards reaching your goals every step of the way.

What this virtual program offers:

-Bi-weekly coaching sessions via phone call or Zoom

-Analysis of eating habits

-Formal check-ins

-Educational presentations via Zoom (group setting)

-Fun challenges (hydration challenge, color challenge, knock out sugar challenge)

-Personally tailored advice-no one size fits all

Program starts on Sunday 3/28-Cost $199

There is no one size fits all model when it comes to your nutrition and what works best for you… Invest in your long term health, set up your initial discovery call today, only 8 spots available.

A wellness approach to living a healthier satiated life! Let’s end the idea of diets and start nourishing our bodies!

Book your discovery call at no cost before March Saturday 3/26 by clicking the link below

For additional questions email

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