Be More with Megan at Home Workout Program

May 8, 2020

May 18th-June 25th: 6 weeks


Be More with Megan will utilize live Zoom appointments offering a morning or afternoon 30 minute workout 3x/week along with a stretch and flow session to incorporate recovery and mobility.

Be More with Megan will also offer weekly themes for the 6 weeks (in newsletter form) that provide mindful practice tools to improve awareness of our body’s wellness! These Zoom workouts will allow Megan to coach from an online platform as clients will follow the 6 week program on TrainHeroic. Optimizing movement, building strength and feeling great!

Themes per week

Week 1: Importance of exercise

Week 2: Guidelines for proper nutrition

Week 3: Breathing exercises, slowing down

Week 4: Self-monitoring to achieve anything

Week 5: Catch me in the kitchen

Week 6: The Power of Habits

Other Details

Cost: $89 per person for 6 weeks

30 Minute Live Workouts offered on Mon/Wed/Friday-

7:30am or 3:30pm

Stretch and Flow: Thursday’s at noon

Total body workouts  will require some form of resistance, either a kettlebell or dumbbell that is 10 lbs or heavier!

*All mobility and stretch flow classes will be recorded, if there is a time conflict please contact*

To sign up contact Megan at or text 609-230-2128

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