Pro Bubble

The wait is over, Pro Bubble is now available in Morgantown at Pro Performance. Gather your friends, family or co-workers for an experience of a lifetime. For birthday parties, team building, private games, tournaments, local events, fundraising and more us or email Ernie Galusky at




Duration:  1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2.5 hours

Location:  Cheat Lake/Pierpont and Mylan Park

Pricing:  $250, $350 and $500


Up to 10 children on the field at one time or up to 8 adults.

Participants must be 4-feet or taller.

Parental waiver required for anyone under 18.

Play time at the Pierpont and Mylan Park locations.

Ref included in booking fee and will explain game rules.

Players can choose from soccer, sharks and minnows, last man standing and more.